The loranet2 is a LoRa development and experimentation board with a focus on applications requiring multiple radios, like long distance relaying and mesh networks. This hardware has also been the basis for the (soon to be released) software platform LoRaTerm.

Hardware Overview

The core of loranet2 is an ESP32 microcontroller, providing Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 and WiFi. This is connected to two DORJI DRF1276G LoRa modules which contain the SX1276 chips, a Low Noise Amplifier and associated antenna matching circuitry.

The board also provides a USB to Serial programming interface, LiPo battery charging circuit and the remaining available GPIO pins broken out on a 2.54mm header


  • ESP32-WROOM-32 (ESP32-WROOM-32U available in the future)
  • DORJI DRF1276G x2 (SX1276 chip)
  • CP2102N Serial Interface, supports customizing Serial ID
  • MCP73811T LiPo Charger
  • AP2112K-3.3 for main power, has ~150mA spare power budget.