Batteries Die. Do you have a plan for Yours?

Made for DefCon 27 in 2019 The Cacoffiny is a mix of art, puzzle and technology. At the time not only the most in depth circuit I’d designed, the functional 3D nature of the build required extensive software and hardware tooling to pull off. It was a hit at DefCon and will be available to purchase fall 2023.

BARE PCBs available now!

In an effort to get this project to completion I am selling the unpopulated PCBs from the previous run. Issue in the assembly and bring-up made validation to difficult to keep moving forward. With these sales I hope to bring the final revision to the public fall 2023.

Get one now!

For the less faint of heart….

Who want to attempt building the board from scratch, the BOM and Schematic are both available. It should be noted, the boards themselves do work, the primary issues that lead to this going incomplete were all around assembly and testing.

Angel of the Battery