The Ricoh GR II has a remote interface. But like most modern cameras the interface is terrible. It’s a WiFi Access Point that uses a web app. And because most modern phones are terrible, this means you have to juggle between WiFi that doesn’t provide an internet connection and a web app that kinda requires it. The Ricmohte uses an ESP32 to connect to the cameras AP and issue commands.


Sadly the GR II has been retired (reads: broken beyond reasonable repair). But this ESP32 button lives on as a handy dust collector remote. This project page will eventually be updated to reflect that but in the meantime the source files are posted below.

Note about the firmware: This was written while literally sick in bed. The portions for controlling a servo where an attempt at 3d scanning that kicked off the hardware design but not actually related to the overall project.



Render of FreeCAD enclosure